Just because they are Free Stock Photos doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be good. Stock photos are taken to fit with a broad range of concepts and topics. Stock photos can be both a curse and a blessing because the images are taken to provide wide range topics, though they might look generic.

As an entrepreneur and marketer, it is your duty to choose the right photo for your business. But it takes careful planning and consideration to pick the right image. But the good thing about stock photos is that there are now free stock photos, so there are no points spending fortunes on stock images anymore.

Here in this article, I will give you four tips to help you find the best stock image.

  1. Think about your audience. When it comes to your audience, you know them more than anyone else. When you are choosing a photo, you should always think of your audience. You want to make sure that any photo that you select has strong visual connections to your brand. You should also make sure that the photos are communicating the right message. Use photos that include a subtle meaning and offer ways to connect with all your audience.
  1. Use photos that compliment your content. You shouldn’t use a photo just because you have to use a photo. You must make sure that the photos you are using fit in your content. By using an image related to the content of your article or post, you can give your reader a glimpse of the content even before they read the article.

For instance, when I see a photo of cosmetic brush and lips, I think of makeup and beauty; even before I read the content.

  1. Use fresh images. You should make sure that you use new beautiful pictures. The truth is that most people have seen all the generic photos a thousand times. But if you want to impress your audience the more, you have to use fresh, unique images for your business.
  1. Check the copyrights and model release. Now you have gotten a photo you want to use; you should check the license and copyrights to you. Although there are sites that offer free stock photos, there might be terms and conditions around the use of the pictures. Although, most websites license their photos under the creative commons zero CCO.