When it comes to your site, photos are everything. You have to make sure that the pictures on your website communicate the right message to visitors. The biggest concern of most entrepreneurs is that getting high-quality images is costly. But fortunately, some sites offer free stock photos.

However, it doesn’t stop at getting a free stock photo; you have to make sure that you are choosing the right photo. Because pictures help to convey messages, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right image that would communicate the message it should.

So I will give you some things to consider when selecting a stock photo for your website.

  1. The source and license. Lots of sites offer free stock photos, but not all of them are licensed under the Creative Commons; that means that not all of them are free to use anyhow and anywhere. You should make sure that you find out about the source before you start using the photos. If the pictures sources are unlicensed under the Creative Commons, you should read their conditions well to find out what you can use the photos for.
  2. You should use pictures of people or animals. Using images of animals or people help create a big feeling of connection between your web visitors and the photos. Even if your website deals with tech materials, coding, or finances, you can still use the photo of people or animals on your site.
  3. Don’t post pictures of smiling employees too often. Posting pictures of smiling employees will make your business look like insincere and fake. The truth is that every employee loves his/her job, and they won’t sit all day smiling. So instead of using pictures of smiling employees, you should use pictures of the product or services you are selling. Or instead, you can use essential mood photos that would communicate an emotion, metaphor or idea.
  4. Choose pictures with colors that suit your website. You should pick photos with colors that suit the theme of your site. For example, if your site theme is in neutral and cooler tones, you need to make the photos on your website has cool-toned color as well. You should follow the above advice for a professional looking website.

The right stock photos are not very complicated, just pick high-quality pictures and think about the message you want the photos to send. Make sure that you check for the license of the images.